Lightning System

Lightning System

Regardless of the room, a good lighting plan involves several steps. Especially for the bathroom, direct lighting must be part of the layout, as many small tasks requiring direct light take place in this space. For example, you might consider adding lamps in and around the mirror to shave and make up, or next to the shower and tub to get in and out of these slippery spaces safely.

If you have a vanity in your bathroom, the fixtures that are part of it should be chosen carefully because they will serve to brighten your face and upper body. Too often, these lamps are placed directly above the mirror. However, this lighting location projects shadows directly onto the face, which makes it difficult to make, shave or even brush teeth.

For this reason, consider vertical fixtures or wall lights mounted on either side of the mirror, as this is the best method of projecting light evenly across the face and upper body. Depending on the size of your vanity, side lighting may not be practical. In this case, you can place a luminaire on the mirror. Make sure it is wide enough so that there is even light on the faces of everyone using the bathroom.

For other parts of the bathroom, place lighting around or near the shower or bath. For example, you might opt ​​for recessed lighting, as the bathrooms are usually small and therefore space is limited.

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Let’s talk about Ambient lightning

Indirect or ambient lighting is the type of lighting that will give your bathroom a feeling of softness and warmth, contributing to the tranquility you may be trying to cultivate. This is especially true if you are looking for the soft glow you might find in a spa or yoga studio. In this kind of environment, we are talking about ambient lighting. Wall lights or LEDs recessed under the vanity or the bathtub will be a great alternative to natural light.

When it comes to ambient lighting, be creative! Since this style of lighting is usually recessed or completely concealed, the fixture itself or the bulb style could easily be out of the ordinary. Precisely, the “cornice” lighting is an excellent option for the bathroom. These are strings of lights hidden behind a molding of several centimeters hanging on your ceiling. Cornice lighting adds warmth and depth to the room. If that’s what you’re looking for, we suggest you contact us at to get them for you.