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The light bulb is probably one of Edison’s best-known inventions, given the revolution it has brought. Nowadays, the electric incandescent bulb can be found almost anywhere since it is revolutionary. Of course, he is not the inventor of the bulb as we know it but it is he who holds the basic idea. Let’s retrace the history of this brilliant invention and its principles.

For many years, many scientists have tried to invent a device to produce light from electricity. At that time, people had to use candles to be able to light inside. But this lighting technique stunk and produced a lot of smoke. After two years working in his new Menlo Park lab, Edison decided that he too should try his luck to find a way to use electricity safely and inexpensively.

He worked on a prototype but only one element was missing, the filament inside the bulb that would provide sufficient light when electricity would pass through. He sent research teams all over the world, from Amazon jungles to Japan’s forests, to find the perfect material to be inserted inside the bulb. These teams brought back more than 6,000 plant substances he tested, such as bamboo and cedar.

It was in 1879, after nearly 1,200 attempts and 40,000 dollars spent, that he succeeded. The selected element was a carbonized cotton filament. This filament allowed to illuminate for about 48 hours. The light bulb was his longest project in time and effort. These bulbs were installed first on a steamboat, the “Columbia”, then in New York, in a factory.

Lightning is one of the factors that allowed the emergence of life on earth. It contributes greatly to our physiological and psychological health. It influences us and has a beneficent action on our nervous balance. It is no wonder that light therapy uses the solar light spectrum as a treatment for seasonal depression or sleep disorders!

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